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Originally Posted by Milan View Post
99% of parents who "try" to coach their kids don't know what they're saying. The few who do know, push their kids to the max, and because it doesn't cost anything, they have a benefit.

I agree to that. But to say don't spend money on coaches just coach them until you get a scholarship to a National Center, that's ridiculous.

And, I can't speak for Spain's Center (I know they're pretty good), but in America, the USTA is absolutely Terrible.

In Canada, the coaches at the Federation have to study Tennis like a Physicist studies for their Doctorate, so I would imagine their story is different.
I never said that parents should be the only coaches. I specifically said that parents should occasionally consult established, reputed tennis coaches. What I did say is that parents/close family members play a crucial role in the development of a tennis player. This fact is verified by history. The examples are so numerous to support my point that I won't even bother listing them.

Technique is very important but there are so many great books and videos out there that any parent who has the time and will to train his kids can do it, even if his knowledge of the game is lacking at first.
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