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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Davis Cup was certainly a lot bigger back then. Didn't Frank Shields even pull out of the 1931 Wimbledon final to be ready for Davis Cup? Of course, back then, the Davis Cup was known as the International Lawn Tennis Challenge.
It's a gross generalization, but the difference between today and yesterday is that Davis Cup has declined in importance, while the importance of the majors has increased.

Originally Posted by kiki View Post
As much as I enjoyed the US pro indoors, itīs not a major.I fully agree, the 1977 year mamrks the resurgence of the Masters and a slight decline for the Huntīs tour.But, still, 1983 and 1989 WCT finals had a better field than the Masters, and Iīd say the same for 1985.This is a great rivalry.Like the Avon vs Virginia Slims in the ladies field
For the moment I'm just talking about what tournaments had the best fields. Whether to call them 'majors' is a difficult issue, because I'm not sure we all define the word the same. Officially, of course, neither Philadelphia nor Dallas, nor any tournament other than the 4 Slams, is a major.

But if we can call pro-tour events 'majors', without any official backing, then I think we can do the same with other tournaments that are not officially majors -- like Philadelphia, Dallas, the Masters, 1970 Dunlop Open, etc.
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