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Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
Great question. You stipulate that it is a tight match. OK. it depends if I am expecting to win, but am playing poorly, or if I was not supposed to win and am playing over my head.

In the first case I would play just >50% between consistancy and aggressiveness.

In the second I would play closer to 75% of the way.
No way do I play it like any other point........I rarely lost a USTA or Tournament match where I had a MATCH point......but when it did, IT STINGS! I lost a Doubles Tourney Final, when I was recieving 2nd Serve @ 30-40....Match Point.... Rest assured, I didnt win the match off a great shot.....and end up losing the Final. Will Never forget that......

So, now I will always to try HARD to close it out.....because you dont want to be at home shaking your head for being to safe....and having blown it.

I always play with the idea of doing something completely off the wall.....moon ball, out of no where droppie....anything to STEAL the W.
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