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Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
I guess I look at it differently. If doing X got me to Match Point, then I figure why try Y or Z at that point? If Y and Z were so great, I should have been playing that way the whole time.

I don't dispute that you have had great success against your competition changing it up on match point, as you imply, but I don't think that is going to work against my competition.
Element of surprise would be a great idea against 'your competition'........

I dont do that regularly, very rare.....thats why I said....i play with the idea......guess I should have said 'toy with the idea' instead......

I will do it if there are games that have about 6-10 Dueces......whats the sense of keeping trying to be basic if you keep going back to duece???? Esp. in dubs with a bunch of Dueces....I will always call up some different formation, call,,,, ANYTHING to throw off the rythym....alot of players do it
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