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Originally Posted by Wuppy View Post
Am I alone in not being able to stand people who yell "No" instead of "Out?" Every single person I've played with or seen playing who did this was an egomaniac. I saw some guy doing it today and it was obnoxious.

I say no about 80% of the time. I guess I must be an egomaniac about 80% of the time.

From my experience, lot of players have the word "out" stuck in their tongues. I have also noticed, every player who tends to make calls before the ball even lands or make shady calls seem to love to yell "out." But that might just be me.

To be fair though, I rarely ever even make calls, which tends to really bother my doubles partners since I tend to continue playing shots that are a good foot out at times. If the ball is way out, I kind of just point my index finger up and that's about it. I only like saying the scores out loud. I want to play to improve more than to win. Winning is a bonus which usually comes more often as you get better.
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