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Originally Posted by drkplayer122 View Post
OMG! I wish I read this before stringing the Natural gut up! I totally agree that it is very dry and can be a pain in the rear end when stringing. I will try the lotion trick the next time I string it up. I bet it will help the string just slide right by.
Lotion helps a lot.

If anyone is curious about their durability, right now I'm at about 15hours with the Mamba Premium Gut/Polystar Energy 17g, 50/46lbs.

There's no fraying, no random unraveling. So far, I am very happy with Mamba Premium Gut.

On a side note, I am loving Polystar Energy as a cross! I've got a few more polys to try:

MSV Co-Focus 1.18
Tecnifibre X-Code 17
Mamba Iontec 1.20

Let's just say if I have to end my playtest now, I can stick with Polystar Energy as a cross.
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