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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
I canīt understand having a guy with just 3 majors ( and a very weak opposition in 2 out of 3 finals) to be considered GOAT.Vines is a marketing product while Kodes was a real thing...
clueless kiki once again doesn't get into his thick head that Vines also won many pro majors and was the top player for years whereas Kodes was well well below the top players of his time and was owned by almost every one of them - laver,rosewall, borg, connors, newk, nastase etc etc .....

oh and Kodes is the one of the luckiest slam winner in history - worst wimbledon in open era in 73, no Laver/Rosewall in either of his FO wins ( the 70 FO draw was real real weak ... ) ...and you are dumb enough to mention competition and Kodes in one sentence ?

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