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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Actually, my friend, the epythome of masochism is being a Fed fan and seeing him play Nadal in a major final ( or semifinal, for that mather)

You must love the beating...
hey, he beat him in two wimbledon finals .......and your crush laver's main opponent was someone who won ZERO, yes, ZERO wimbledons , LOL ....

Originally Posted by kiki View Post
We, Laver supporters never had this problem, you know? ( 3 career Gran Chelems)
one real grand slam and his competition was weak, weak, weak .....

and yes, of course laver fans had to face the ignominy of him going to drysdale in 4R in 68, not even getting past QF of a major after 69 .......

and of course they know he was very very lucky that :

he faced gonzales wayyy past his best
his main competition was a declining/aging Rosewall
Hoad was affected so much by injuries ...

in short a transitional champion b/w gonzales/rosewall era and the borg/connors era ....

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