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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Federer?? only won 1 RG to Kodes 2...same for Ferrero.Panatta,Vilas,Nastase also won 2 but at least they won the 2 nd best event (Rome) and dominated on clay so, yes, they were all on Kodes level ( if we talk about clay court, of course)

I never said Kodes could claim being cc goat, never.Lendl,Borg,Rosewall,Kuerten,Wilander,Nadal were well above him.If we mix, however, clay and other surfaces....things change and he advances some of your list...heyˇˇ Kodes won as many majors as your beloved Ellsworth
both the RGs he won were weakened fields ....

give federer the same field and he cleans up the field on clay from 70-73 ( winning 3, possibly 4 RGs, only main threat being nastase in 73 )

federer has won 5 CC masters , been in so many finals at RG ( 5 )

vilas/panatta had to face borg, federer had to face nadal, ferrero had to face kuerten ..... whom did kodes have to face ? franulovic, still to peak nastase ? LOL !!!
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