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Because you win majors - no mather how many they are- in the context of your era, then we should pick up the true greats of each era and compare them besed ALWAYS on their dominance of an era.Not just a matter of counting this and that major and then use them to compare inter eras players ( as you said, it wouldn´t be unfair, but it would be also very unfair not to count WCT/Masters for 1970-1989).Because, era´s strengths are so different that winning 5 majors in a very strong era may be harder to achieve than 10 in a weak era.
Nice point, I agree.
It is the reason why I consider Ivan Lendl one of the strongers. He was the dominant player in a decade with a lot of 6-Slam-or-more opponents. That's a quite amazing feat.
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