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Originally Posted by Chyeaah View Post
This is impossible to argue and most likely not true.
What do you know about it?

You haven't used it, when I joined this forum you were suggesting me Prince Premier Attack, Head rip control and a few other strings that, you didn't play with and you're only suggesting because you heard of. After a few reviwws pretty much nobody cares about PPA (as you write, looking cool in a forum LOL), are you still using it after people left you behind? Are you jumping on the same boat with all of them now?? What is it?

Why is it not true? Because nobody from the forum uses besides 4,5 people and because they're biased to try Yonex strings??

Give me a break, I used most of Luxilon strings, Tecnifibre, Babolat, some Gamma and one Signum Pro and to me it is better, it is my opinion, the same guy who gave me LTEC 5S (my neighbor who I gave him a set of the tour spin) says wonders about the string.

At least use it to have an opinion.
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