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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
I've only heard of one suspension; it happened a few years ago after an active D1 player self-rated as a 4.0, using an alias. This was presumably with the encouragement of the captain; they were both suspended. Don't recall how long the suspension was by IMO it should be for life and there should be no allowance for an appeal!

EDIT: Technically I guess that's two suspensions
Orange, I assume you are talking league since you mention a captain?

Just trying to figure out goober and his tournament list.

Angle Queen, thanks for posting. I guess that what I was able to search on most of those names on the FL list, they either lied or conspired to lie during self rating themselves. I am happy that those folks get suspended indefinitely. Surprised that the USTA does it...would think they'd just DQ/forfeit and bump them to the appropriate level. But, I guess that one way to deal with a liar is to just kick me out. Surprised the USTA has the cajones to do that.
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