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Here's a few top ten lists for the greatest players
Allison Danzig
1. Tilden
2. Cochet
3. Budge
4. Lacoste
5. Kramer
6. Perry
7. Johnston
8. Laver
9. Vines
10. Gonzalez

1. Tilden
2. Budge
3. Perry
4. Laver
5. Cochet
6. Lacoste
7. Johnston
8. H L Doherty
9. Vines
10. Gonzalez

Don Budge

No order but he would probably pick Vines first and has said so. The players are Vines, Kramer, Gonzalez, Laver, Rosewall, Sedgman, Segura, Perry, von Cramm, Riggs and Tilden last.

Kramer picks Budge number one and Vines number two with Perry third. But Kramer also added that with Vines hurting (so Kramer says) and very interested in golf that he wasn't sure what would happen if Vines was totally into the tour when he played Don Budge.

I'll get more lists later but I have to leave now. Do all these experts think Vines was a product of marketing? These experts know.

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