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Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post
It looks terrific on my Xi's, that is beautiful blue.

They do have other colors in badminton strings and should launch a red string for all their red racquets. I don't think they're worried about prestige users, lol.

Back to the topic, poly tour spin string is maybe the best string on the market right now.
When it comes to full bed poly, I know my experience is limited compared to the folks here. But calling the Poly Tour Spin the best string on the market is a little overboard.

Personally, I do like the string and hope to purchase more. It's got zany spin freshly strung, but after 3-4 hours you can really feel the spin has dropped a number of notches. The edges gets smoothen out and spin becomes average for a poly.

Besides it does have that plasticky feel, which might not go down well with some.

I know you are a big fan Yonex. But let's not be too bias.
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