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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Yes Crawford overtook him in 1933 and then he turned pro immediately rather than continue to face a younger and stronger opponent. Budge turned pro and overtook him immediately once he did, and Vines in turn immediately quit tennis and went to pro golf. In between he was mostly beating men a decade older than him like Tilden, Cochet, and LaCoste.

Just settle that you proved kiki was wrong and Vines > Kodes. Stop trying to inflate him into something nobody outside a few posters in this thread thinks he is.

Budge was dominant vs everyone he faced in the late 30s and won the CYGS, what is the difference. Budge also wasnt only facing greats a decade older than him, the way Graf and Vines both did during the heights of their dominance. It was like challenging their own Mom or Dad to play against them, and the best their own age were such giants as Nussein or Sabatini.
Didnīt prove anything at all.If Kodes had faced Nusslein or Stoeffen in majors, he would have 2.3 more majors by now.

Vines, while he may be more talented than Kodes, just dominated one -two years, then, as you posted avoided Crawford and turned pro and beat either old guys like tilden and Cochet or mere journeymen like Nusslein or Stoefen.Then, Budge and Perry beat him and he takes doesnīt seem to me a truly dominant player 8 except for a couple of years, with a much weaker opposition Kodes ever had)
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