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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Tilden was very old, Nusslein,Stoefen,Plaas are nobodies...and seems that Vines lost very early at the majors from 1933 on...looks like his record, while great and very honourable, doesn´t go along those senseless praising he is getting over here.
Tilden was the best professional player in the world from 1931-1933. Vines dethroned Tilden, and then defended his crown against challengers such as Nusslein, Stoefen, Cochet, Plaa and Perry. Nobody succeeded until Budge did in 1939.

And as for Budge, he was dethroned by Riggs as the best professional before the end of the war. Using NadalAgassi's logic, that makes Budge overrated.

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