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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
Before the end of the war?
Isn't Riggs considered the best player of 1943-1947? Kramer was right on Riggs' back in 1947 for the world's best player while Kramer was still an amateur. Kramer turned pro in late 1947 and overtook Riggs in 1948. Kramer was the last newly turned professional to dethrone the reigning professional champion in a world pro tour. Kramer beat Riggs, Gonzales, Segura and Sedgman in world pro tours. Gonzales beat Segura, Sedgman, Budge, McGregor, Trabert, Rosewall, Hoad, Cooper, Anderson, Olmedo, MacKay, Buchholz and Gimeno in world pro tours, before retiring in 1961, until June 1963.

Oh, and Perry was the best in 1941, winning all 5 pro tournaments that he played in that year, including the US Pro. Budge lost all 3 tournaments he played in 1941. Budge was the best player in 1939, 1940 and 1942, in my opinion.

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