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Strange qualifying today. Q1&Q2 being a very close call, with even the top shots running on soft tyres in the early stages. And even so one RB and McLaren didn't make it to Q3 at all. The top 10 went then to Q3 with no sets of fresh tyres available, which made the 'final' somewhat disappointing. I do hope that FIA and the teams will be able to adjust the restrictive tyre regulations till Monaco.

Unfortunately Lewis lost his pole due to his car not having sufficient fuel on board after his great last lap to beat Maldonado. So we will see a Williams on the pole, which is an admirable acchievement from their team. The car must have solid aerodynamic qualities to fare so well in Barcelona.

Ferrari's new backwing seems to have put at least Alonso back to the front of the grid (3). So another top contender is back in business. Otherwise I think there had been some dramatical personal changes in the team. Now it's only Massa who may well be fired in the near future.

Mercedes and Red Bull seemed to struggle a bit, but I'm wondering if they were running on a different setup due to the weather forecasts for tomorrow. We shall see...
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