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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Kodes was never nš 1, even if he did beat nš 1 players like GOAT Laver, almost Goatīs Rosewall and also Newcombe, big champs like Nasty,Ashe,Smith.He also beat a young Bjorn Borg, and also a great of the 70īs called Orantes.I never claimed him to be nš1.

Vines had a more dominant year, true, in 1932.He may have been more talented, as well.But career wise I still think they are very close, of course, if we leave the marketing issues aside...

(Vines may have won the then called Pro majors but Kodes faced like 3 times the level of competition Vines faced so that counterbalances the former)
I don't know why you keep insisting Vines only won three majors when I and some others pointed out he won eight majors if you include Pro Majors.

There are NO marketing issues here. Kodes failed when facing top level competition. I showed his awful won-lost against the likes of Rosewall, Laver, Borg, Vilas, Connors, Nastase, Smith, Newcombe, Okker and many others.

Vines had many more dominant years. He was the top pro and mostly likely the world's best years from 1934 to 1938. Vines faced the top level and succeeded brilliantly beating everyone (with minor exceptions) but Don Budge.

There is no doubt Vines was not just more talented than Budge but far more talented.

I do agree with Krosero that some may rank Vines on level of play as one of the top but his record does stand out.
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