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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Wrong.Not posible to compare.Gonzales played just 2 years as an amateur and 20 as a pro.I am comparing Vines from 1930-33 and Kodes 70-73.Same slot of time, I guess.
This just demonstrates that Pancho was greater than Vines, which I agree with. But you think it's not possible to compare? Pancho had arguably 8 years as the world's top player, all in the pros. Vines had arguably 6 years altogether as the world's top player -- two years in the amateur game (1931-32) and four more years in the pro game (1934-37) (I can't agree with 1938 ). Pancho has the lead over Vines, but please, they can most definitely be compared. The ironic thing is that they're even closer in your system than in mine, because Vines has arguably two years as #1 in the amateur game, while all of Pancho's years as #1 are in the pro game. And the amateur game is the only one in which you count majors. So Vines, according to you, is greater than Pancho: 3 majors vs. 2.

Yes, I know, Pancho's pro career was greater than Vines'. But hey, if you're going to bring in the pro game, then why do stop Vines' career at 1933? Seriously, I have never seen anything like this on this board. You've stopped a man's career at a point where he still has four years remaining as world #1.

Transparent nonsense.
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