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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
he didn't .....and the actual majors that Kodes won, he faced poor competition. If he actually faced the full fields , he may have ended up with ZERO , yes , ZERO majors ....

for example, he lost to laver in rome 71 ...hence lucky he didn't face him or rosewall in 70 FO or 71 FO .....

smith/newcombe were definitely better than him on grass and one or the other would have beaten him in 73 wimbledon....

oh and get this Kodes was owned by almost every great player you mention - laver, rosewall ( both past their best ) , connors, borg, newcombe, nastase .... only one he has a respectable H2H is smith ....

how is a career of 3 amateur majors + 5 pro majors with being top player for several years (Vines ) anywhere close to a career of 3 weakened majors and even close to top player for a single year ( Kodes ) ?
Yes, Smith proved being better on grass than Kodes in 73...specially, when they met at the Forest Hills semifinals...
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