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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Lendl´s 1982 victims were Vitas Gerulaitis ( a former AO winner) and John Mc Enroe.In the 1981 and 1982 AO, Johan Kriek beat almost unknown Texas ace Steve Denton.
Okay, but Kriek won 2 majors in the 1981-1982 period, Lendl won zero majors in the same period. There's a reason why Lendl was getting criticism, and it's because he was winning so many tournaments on the tour but none of them were majors until the 1984 French Open. And even with the 1984 French Open win, there soon started to be rumours that "McEnroe had thrown it away". It wasn't until after the 1985 US Open that Lendl got the monkey entirely off his back about him not being able to win the majors.

Now, if WCT Dallas and the Masters were majors, then Lendl would have won 2 majors already in 1982. They clearly weren't majors, but the biggest tournaments outside the majors.
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