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Something similar was said about Vilas not winning the big ones. When he won the French, a lot of people said he had the monkey off his back. But not everyone. When he won the USO, this was in the Associated Press:
Guillermo Vilas finally has won a big one....solidifying his claim toward being the No. 1 tennis player in the world.... Although Vilas had captured the French Open title in Paris earlier this summer, he never had won one of the sport’s two premier events – Forest Hills or Wimbledon. But now the stigma of not being able to win the big one has ended – decisively....
I just think that the top tournaments were viewed on a continuum, more than being sharply divided between traditional majors and non-majors.

And if there was ever a time when there was confusion about what a major was, it was the early Open Era.
I think a lot of the tennis writers in those days weren't sure what really was a top tournament or not and you really can't blame them. The WCT Championship was to supposely determine the World Champion of tennis so you would think by that definition it is a major and yet we don't call it a major now.

Check what Heston says at 1:09. He says to determine the World Champion of Tennis. At 4:29 Heston says this years WCT championship is this year's first major.

By the way this is a great video. It shows some highlights of Borg versus Laver. Great tennis.

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