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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Nice to see you're using stringsavers.

Can you comment on how the stringbed feels with and without? I'm contemplating on getting stringsavers for my gut/poly hybrid.

I've never used stringsavers before so please excuse this dumb question. Are stringsavers reusable?


Also, I'll start experimenting with MSV CoFocus 1.18 next week, I am expecting great things from them. It'll be Mamba Premium Natural Gut 16g/MSV CoFocus 1.18 at 52/46lbs.
Interesting combo, let us know how it performs.

I've used 1.30 mains with 1.23 CoF crosses before, and I've always heard that the bigger the difference in gauge, the more the risk of notching. But I haven't ever read a post from someone who's actually tried it. It could very well turn out to be baseless.

As for SSers, I'm usually a big proponent of them, but the last bunch I put in stiffened up my stringbed and took away too much of the feel. So I'll be cutting it out tonight or tomorrow. What's funny is that I had much more in my last 'brid and it felt fine and got better and better as it aged. Go figure.

Enjoy your new 'brid and let us know how it goes!
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