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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Can you comment on how the stringbed feels with and without?

I've never used stringsavers before so please excuse this dumb questions.
1) Does it stiffen up the stringbed? Something tells me it does.
2) Does it prevent the gut from sliding/snapping back across the polys?
3) Are they all more or less the same? If not, which do you recommend and why?
4) Are stringsavers reusable?
5) Lastly, I HATE snapping gut pre-maturely off of a shank/mis-hit. Do you think stringsavers on the top edge of the frame will help prevent those? Or do you think there's simply too much force and there aren't enough strings to share it on the edges?
No worries. In short order:-

1. Yes. I'd suggest using them sparingly until necessary.
2. Not Babolat Elastocrosses, which I understand have teflon. Bab SSers will/should facilitate spin.
3. No. Bab SSers due to teflon coating.
4. Yes. I reuse mine as much as possible.
5. No idea. I mis-hit my fair share of balls but have never had any snapping from it.
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