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Originally Posted by FedericRoma83 View Post
Here I agree with Mustard, Mal Anderson definitely deserves his Wembley victory.
Hoad lost to Segura early: well, it's just his fault. He could have won...
otherwise we can also dismiss Federer's 2009 RG: Nadal lost to Soderling early...
that's the rule of the game. If you lose to someone, you're out.

Anderson defeated Sedgman, Rosewall and Segura in that tournament: I can't ask him more.
The point is that the top two guys didn't consider it worth the effort to put out for this event.
This is when you get the supporting cast, and everyone regarded Anderson as supporting cast, winning a tournament.
At Forest Hills, the biggest event of the year, Anderson lost to Hoad in the first round, and Hoad and Gonzales contested the final. Get it? At the big one, the two top guys contested the final. Simple point.
As Hoad said; "If it was the final of a major event, I would try to win. But if it was the final of the Hamburger Open (and there really was a Burger King Pro Championship in Hollywood, Florida, no less) against a player I knew I could beat, well..", he shrugged his shoulders.

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