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Yes, I moved from Washington to Arizona and noticed a big difference. A lot more USTA players in Washington (about 4000 in WA vs about 500 in AZ) and as a result a lot more competitive and better players in WA.
Michael Chang said something consistent with this notion when he showed up in Seattle for the Champion's League exhibition last winter. I was there, in Key Arena, when he recalled his first experience with trying to reserve court time in Seattle, an experience that had taken place after he had only just moved here so many years earlier. He said that he could not then believe how difficult it was trying to reserve court time here, but that such difficulty only confirmed for him that Seattle had a very healthy tennis community.

For what it's worth, a particular guy who shows up now and again to play on one of the local public courts apparently played some down in California before moving to Seattle. His Tennisopolis profile indicates that he was a Bay Area 4.5. Watching his movement and strokes, I have my reservations about his claim on being 4.5 because he looks more like a middling 4.0 to me. To my mind one must possess some natural athletic gifts to reach 4.5 whereas, that guy is in darn good shape but, honestly, he does not appear to be athletically exceptional.

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