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Originally Posted by Dean View Post
I thought it might be interesting to compare the great players on a more level field by comparing their performances at the highest level and richest tour tournaments. (Open era only).

Player/ Titles Won

Federer 41 (possible 42 after tomorrows Madrid Final)
Lendl 35
Sampras 30
Nadal 30
McEnroe 29
Borg 28
Connors 27
Agassi 26
Becker 22
Djokovic 17
Edberg 15
Willander 15
Laver 14
Nastase 12
Vilas 10
Not at all.In 1970 and 1980, there were about 15 non slam big events, not to mention the WCT FInals which no longer existed after 1989.No possible comparison.

However, in order to even things, IŽd pick the Dallas finals as part of a super evnts that included:

WCT Finals
Johannesburg ( till 1975) and Las Vegas ( from 1985)
Palm Springs/La Quinta
Tokyo Super seiko

and , of course, Dallas

Now you have the 4 GS, the Masters ( currently called WTF) and your Super 9
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