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Default How to do Season end finals

Originally Posted by Dean View Post
I thought it might be interesting to compare the great players on a more level field by comparing their performances at the highest level and richest tour tournaments. (Open era only).

These are the 4 Majors(since 196, 9 Masters 1000 Series/Championship Series(since 1970), and the World Tour Finals(since 1970).

Player/ Titles Won

Federer 41 (possible 42 after tomorrows Madrid Final)
Lendl 35
Sampras 30
Nadal 30
McEnroe 29
Borg 28
Connors 27
Agassi 26
Becker 22
Djokovic 17
Edberg 15
Willander 15
Laver 14
Nastase 12
Vilas 10
I believe in principle this is a very good idea to give a list of these top titles. The problem comes in how to rate the WCT finals and Grand Slam Cup. They are rated above Masters 1000 but below Grand Slams. They are not included in your list. And if you add them in then players from the 70's/80's/90's are advantaged over current players because they have 2 season end finals whereas current players only have one. The solution - take the larger total for each player of EITHER (WCT finals combined with Grand Slam Cups) OR Master Cups finals. That way each player only gets credited wth one set of season end finals - which evens the playing field between older players and current ones.

Hence, Connors does better because he has 2 WCT finals vs only 1 Masters - so credit connors with 2 season end finals. So goes McEnroe having 5 WCT FInals vs 3 Masters - so credit McEnroe with 5 season end finals in this chart. That moves him to 31. Becker however stays the same because his combined WCT/Grand Slam Cup is 2 which is less than his Masters Cups which you reported at 3.

Note: There is a current controversy of the time period from 1972 to 1975 inclusive - to credit the Toronto/Montreal event or the London event as a Masters 1000 equivalent win. Some say one some say the other. From 1972 to 1975 that London event wasn't Wembley but the Dewar Cup held at the Royal Albert Hall. It was a different event - Wembley not been played those years. Your totals look like they assume London is included in the totals from those years (you have Connors on 18 Championship Series events rather than 17). However, if you go with the Canadian events (which one poster on these bulletin boards thought had deeper fields) - Connors is one down, but other players increase like Nastase (because he won in Canada).

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