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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
Rosewall won six Wembleys, so he must have liked it.
I would like any event I won six times.
No, the biggest events for the pros were in the major venues, Wimbledon (1967), Forest Hills, Roland Garros, Kooyong. Do these locations sound familiar? They are the sites of the major Slam events.
Wembley was chosen by the pros as a poor substitute for Wimbledon, which wouldn't allow pro play until 1967.
It was like playing in a gas chamber, and the smoke affected the level of play, according to the London Times reviewers.
Gonzales didn't even show up for Wembley.
The top players usually show up in the major finals.
Gonzales didn't show up for Wembley? He won four times there! Come on!
It was definitely one of the best tournaments, if I'm not wrong Rod Laver said that his favourite match against Ken Rosewall was the 1964 Wembley final.
A lot of journalists of the time also pointed at the 1956 final between Gonzales and Sedgman as the greatest Pro match of the era...
I really can't see your arguments, this sounds to me like if you have a personal idiosyncrasy to that tournament, with no real reasons.
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