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Originally Posted by jaggy View Post
But thats why there is an umpire. Questioning calls that are not close and will never be overturned just seem to be part of some attempt to disrupt the opponents, put pressure on officials and in my opinion should not be allowed within the rules.
Excessive line call appeals are addressed in the rules; however, it's rarely enforced, because first of all it's very subjective, and rightfully so. The player is on the other side of the net, sometimes at a very bad angle from where the ball lands, and they truly don't know. A ball that is six inches out might look and feel good to a player 80 feet down the court and on the opposite sideline. And the coach is going to try to get involved to back up their players. When the umpire is doing his job correctly, he won't let that get to him, and will only step in and overrule a clear mistake.

Excessive appeals for the apparent sake of disrupting play. A Solo Chair
Umpire shall caution any player making excessive appeals for the
apparent sake of disrupting play. Thereafter, if the Solo Chair Umpire
determines that the player is making appeals for the apparent sake of
disrupting play, he may penalize the player under the ITA Point

Penalty System.
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