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Originally Posted by jaggy View Post
Well Louisville on Friday challenged any close call and a few far from close. The ball would be clearly out, the Louisville player would scream at the umpire and whatever coach was closest would join in.
Intimidation factor? I think so.

My next wish would be for a limited number of challenges, this was beyond fun to watch.
Agreed, Jaggy. Another variation is some players (thankfully a minority) frequently call anything close, "out" and rely on the opponent to appeal to the umpire to get it right. If the umpire doesn't overrule, they figure they deserve the point. In this regard, the "one umpire" system is really flawed because one person, even in the chair, can't see all the balls well enough to overrule anything but a clear error, leaving anything close to the whim of the player.

It makes for constant negative byplay on court which gets annoying to watch.
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