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Originally Posted by JLyon View Post
the worst calls tend to occur on the far sideline, it is a gamble for an official to overrule or not overrule. I know I did one overrule and got chewed out for overruling but had a good look on the ball, while I did not overrule another call in a different match and still got chewed on, more by the fans but an official is truly in a damned if you do and damned if you don't position on many calls. The players, coaches and fans always think they have a better view. Officials are not perfect
And, of course, the players are savvy enough to know that the far sideline is really tough for the umpire to call, so they can get away with anything but the most blatant hook.

In this regard, D1 tennis does not resemble the sportsmanship of most amateur tournaments where players call their own lines without an umpire and, for the most part, do a fine job of it.
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