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Originally Posted by FedericRoma83 View Post
I definitely agree with you on that, expecially on bolded parts.
My personal view is to give no more than four "Majors-or-their-equivalent" per year. That means the Masters (1977-82) or the WCT Finals (1972-76), but surely not both in the same year, and no one of them since 1983 (only the Masters in 1986, but just because there was no AO).

Coming back to Philadelphia - I agree with you that the 1976 WCT Finals were not great as in 1975: nonetheless, I'm still not persuaded in pointing Philadelphia as the fourth tournament this year. For example, in 1976 Palm Springs was entered by the same players who entered Philadelphia. Add to that the cumulative money prize: in Philadelphia it was around 120,000 dollars, while at Palm Springs was 200,000. The only Philadelphia advantage is the best-of-five-set final & semifinals (not a little advantage, I admit), but with the same field and more money around, Palm Springs can also be a legitimate choice (it would not change anything, Connors won both, but now I'm talking about the methodology).
Still no one of those prizes can compete with the Dallas one (100,000 but they are distribuited to 8 players instead of 64), no one of those tournaments was called a Major back then (while the WCT Finals were) and I guess they had less resonance (tough I don't have official informations on this theme).
I'm totally confused now, it seems that we have a lot of candidates for the fourth Major placement in 1976.
Another messed up year was 1970. Wimbledon and US Open were ok, but is nearly impossible to pick up two other tournaments, there were a lot of great ones: the Masters (my personal third choice, but I can understand eventual disagreements on that), the Tennis Classic round robin, the Dunlop Internationals, an amazing Torneo Godò on clay, and so on...
Great point.I still would go with Dallas as the 4 th biggest event from 1971 to 1976, then Masters replaces Dallas as the biggest 4 th from 77 to 82.From 83 onwards, IŽd pick again Melbourne, even if 1983 and 1984 Masters/Dallas were, as good if not better than Melbourne.

For 1970, yes, Godo Cup was exceptional, but IŽd go with RG,W,FH and Masters ( instead of AO, sorry Arthur)
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