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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
Some aspects of the Roddick motion can be copied but his motion is a bit too difficult and idiosyncratic to use as a model. You might adopt his abbreviated takeback but his stance and some other aspects of his motion might result in some issues.

Federer would probably be a batter model for you to study and adapt. Also take a look at Sampras.
This ^ so so much. It says a lot about a player that they think "Roddick serves bombs, therefore I should copy him" sort of stuff.

Federer's, by far, would be a better serve to take inspiration from for the vast majority of club level players. His is a lesson in unflashy effectiveness and, really key for club players, consistency. The majority of what he does can be learned and work for most players - much easier than a Roddick style serve.

To try to mimic a serve like Roddick's is asking for a lifetime of inconsistency and risk of injury/niggles for most club level players.

As LeeD also said, Ferrero and Hewitt are also two non-flashy service motions which you can learn a lot from.
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