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Originally Posted by Finster View Post
Does having a vertical tossing arm automatically put you into the ideal trophy bow-shaped pose? One thing that is also hard to do is to be in that pose, up onto your toes which, if you're not used to it, will throw you off balance. Look at all pics of the pros -- they are on their toes, their arms straight up in the air, their bodies in this "cocked" bowed shape. Is this a pose that is doable for us mere mortals? The more I try to get up onto my toes like that, the more I feel I'm going to topple over.
Pointing your knees in the same direction of your toes or a bit wider could help you to keep a better balance.
Also, becoming aware of how the weight of your body changes from the front foot to the back one and then to the front one again before getting into the air helps with keeping the balance under control.
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