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^^ You are actually on the balls of your feet -- not your toes.

Mere mortals can achieve this pose/position. I'm am currently 60 years old and can actually hold this position for quite a while (easily 20 seconds or longer). My balance is still decent but not really exceptional by any measure. I am primarily a lefty server but I can also hold a righty trophy pose just as long. I can do this balancing act in either a platform or a pinpoint stance. My left shoulder, left hip flexor and both knees are bad and my level has dropped quite a bit since my mid 50s (down to ~4.0). But I am still able to achieve the position without any trouble at all.

Note that Roger has not yet achieved the archer's bow in the image above. (If you take a look at the 4-image sequence in CF's post above, you will see the Roger pushes his hip forward for the bow slightly later). With your weight on the balls of your feet, your heels are off the ground and your are knees bent. Your center of mass (located in your gut slightly below your belly button) should be directly over your platform (or pinpoint stance) between your feet. This should enable you to balance in the trophy position indefinitely.

If you still have problems with this, try holding the pose in front of a mirror. Once you master that, try it w/o the mirror. The ultimate test is to try to hold the position for several seconds with your eyes closed. Hope this helps.

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