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I do it with my one-handed backhand, I consider myself the inventor of the shot even though I'm sure I'm not. I've never seen anyone else do it, but hardly anybody I play with uses a one-hander to begin with. It's tough; especially considering that when i miss-hit the shot I catch it on the frame and break my strings.

My advice for swinging volleys in general is to go for it. I couldn't hit swinging volleys at all and I just started doing it whenever I had the chance (practice, not durring matches) and now I do it etter than anyone I play with. The main thing is that you have to hit through the ball as much as possible. My western, top-spin approach to hitting shots in general had to be adjusted otherwise it just wouldn't happen. The most important thing is that I got to the point where I see balls that I can take as a swinging volley and I do it without thinking about it. I think that's the thing about tennis in general, if you're indecisive then you're not likely to make the shot. It has to become natutal to your game to be successful.
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