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Originally Posted by elegos7 View Post
What do you think?
This system is crude, but it gives an opportunity to evaluate events during the whole course of tennis history, using the same criteria. I am ready for the years 1977-2012, and slowly working my way backwards, but I can give you the obtained points for any tournaments you are particularly interested.
Perhaps giving the same weight to prestige as the draw quality is not fair. In this way the AUS Open (and many amateur slams) already gets 4 points, even without a Top8 participant.
I think this system is too rude.
In 1975 you put the Australian Open ahead the WCT Finals only because it was entered by no. 1 and no. 2. What about the fact that the third seeded was the world no. 26? There are really no reasons to put the 1975 Australian Open over the WCT Finals that year.
I also don't like the 1970-72 scores.
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