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Originally Posted by FedericRoma83 View Post
My choices would be:
1971 - Australian Open (no way: a Slam with a great field will always overcome other events from my point of view)
1972 - WCT Finals
1973 - WCT Finals & the Masters (we need two tournaments that year: Wimbledon was just insignificant, only one top-10 player in its field)
1974 - WCT Finals
1975 - WCT Finals
1976 - WCT Finals (if you prefer the prestige & a partially depleted but still nice field), Philadelphia (if your prefer strong fields & 3-out-of-5 finals) or Palm Springs (if you prefer strong fields & great money prizes) [No way for the Masters Finals that year, they were weaker than the WCT Finals]
1977 - Masters
1978 - Masters (without any kind of doubt, at least from my point of view. The Masters was not strong as in 1977 that year, but it was still having Connors, McEnroe and five other top-10 players, the only difference was Borg, who lose in the Philadelphia quarterfinals to Tanner and didn't enter the Masters: it's definitely not fair in my opinion to put Philadelphia over a prestigious Masters).
1979 - Masters
1980 - Masters
1981 - Masters
1982 - Masters

1970 is more complicated, we need two substitutes because that year the Roland Garros had only one top-10 player, but there are a lot of strong tournaments. My four favourite are Torneo Godō, the Dunlop Internationals, the Tennis Classic round robin and the Masters.
If I have to pick two, I'll say the Masters (for two reasons: 1. it was the first edition of a great historical tournament; 2. Stan Smith defeated Rosewall and Laver to win it: he deserves some consideration for such a feat) and Torneo Godō (to pick up a great clay tournament as a Roland Garros substitute).
But if you prefer the Tennis Classic or the Dunlop tournament, I accept it without problems: they were definitely big ones!
I think there's really no way to estabilish a "real truth" about 1970.

Yes I think it was: the only top player who keeps his Australian Open boycott was Jimmy Connors, all the other players regularly entered it, except McEnroe in 1984 because he was defaulted after the Stockholm accident. Surely the Masters was still really important during the 1983-87 years, but I think that the really can't understimate the AO Slam status after it was rehabilitated.

Yes, but even with strong WCT fields, the Masters was slightly superior to the WCT Finals after 1977.
In 1986, when there was no Australian Open, all journalists considered the Masters as a fourth tournament.
Sorry but Dallas had 3 OUT OF 5 from the very first round.And it was a KO event, not a round robin event like Masters ( with all that tanking and arrangements)
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