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This recruiting process is just like a job interview. College coaches receive thousands of resumes from student athletes from all over the world. The college coaches are going to hire who they feel is the best candidate for the job. Often, the international athletes out- interview the American athletes by reaching out to coaches and players with more anticipation and by building better relationships with them.

As far as speaking English is concerned, the international athletes all have to take the SAT and TOEFL. This means that English is set at a certain standard for all students. They also tend to do very well academically once they are at American universities. Being American or international does not benefit the student/athletes, how they interview will be the deciding factor whether they are chosen or not versus another athlete with similar abilities.

Those aren't my words. That's Ross Greenstein of Scholarships for Athletes speaking. You can find the entire interview at the link posted by tennisconsultcom in the Junior forum, "How to get a scholarship" thread.

Silly Ross Greenstein. If he had read some of the posts (by others) in these threads, he would have learned that coaches select foreign players by soliciting bribes........and get them by offering 4-year scholarships!
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