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You do realize that the thread you started was about wanting to play against people significantly worse than you right?
Not entirely. Rather, those once significantly better but now equal to me. By "rocking" them, I mean: Only just starting to be able to push them around in hitting practice, say, only as recently as during the last month or so--after a year or longer of them having their way with you. But with your recent level not well enough established that they would assent somehow to the claim that they were worse than you because, on balance, they have historically been better. An so, they recede from the picture without much ado and almost incrementally so as not to draw attention to their newly asserted absence. And you're thinking, "I have been hitting with this guy and playing practice sets with him for three days a week over the past six months, and how come he is no longer available now that I am pushing him around and showing some aggression during practice? Did he think that I would permanently play the submissive role?" That is the class of people which I am talking about, not necessarily those established as being "worse" than me, although the two classes do overlap on a venn diagram.

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