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Originally Posted by dennis10is View Post
It is a serious issue for me, as I'm sure the OP's issue is a serious one for him.
I know, right?
I've had the same problem. But the physical exercise and the protein is actually really healthy, so mostly, it's lean muscle mass they are gaining. So I'm cool with it.

But this I must tell you... my wife and most of my former girlfriends are so beautiful, it's been tough going out with them. I mean, I love the fine ladies, of course, but everyone ogles them all the time. They're all just really cute, really sweet and have ultra hot bodies, but they're all also really feminine. Just really tough, man. It's like being in a fishbowl....always having a great time with them and getting way too much attention. Why can't they just be normal?
It's just been really tough on me. And I wanted someone to listen, so I posted it here. Thanks so much for reading, guys.

~They're so hot. Like a curry. They're so hot, they're makin' me sexist. B!tches.~
[paraphrased from a FotC song]

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