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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
Have you been in a hospital lately? Not too many US born doctors anymore. Foreigners might not be traveling to the US to interview for entry level sales jobs that pay no relocation, but they certainly are for expert skill jobs and high level executive positions. Head hunters, like coaches, will find the best people in the world for those roles.
Part of the reasons for that is higher education costs a lot more in the US compared to many countries.
You could find more MD, engineering degrees per capita in many other countries. They are willing to work for US companies from their home countries or willing to come work in the US .
Many US citizens wanting to be a doctor or a vet have to go get their affordable degrees elsewhere. I have seen some from the caribbean schools, Canada, etc.

If things are not changing, think about it....high paying jobs are for non-US citizens. Lower paying jobs for US born ?
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