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One issue I've noticed in men's tennis related to this topic is the number of schools that no longer have a men's program. I played NAIA tennis in the late 1970's for a good program. We had a couple of South American players, but got alot of out talent from Texas. At that point just about every school fielded men's tennis, and I played many, many, many foreign players. Now most of those schools no longer offer men's tennis, including the school I played for. I think it was due to budget cuts with the increasing expenses of fielding all the required women's sports, and offsetting all the money spent on football. Now i have a ranked 16 year old son, and he is interested in playing in college. Of course there are still many international players, but also many fewer schools offering programs for him to consider. My older son was a college golfer, and he had many more programs to consider. I assume this may be the case across the US, with many smaller public colleges no longer offering men's tennis.
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