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These are two of the more interesting racquets I picked up this past year while trawling through my neighborhood GW, in addition to that "Kennex Black Ace II" mentioned elsewhere:

I know the "string lock" feature is supposed to allow you to replace just one string at a time, thus making the job nominally easier and more economical, but was there some kind of special tool that one would use to install those string-holding nipples?

Racquets at this location used to be $3.59 a pop, but they seem to have caught on to the fact that there are weirdos like me out there who are addicted to this stuff, as everything is now $5.49 each, including all the empty covers that so often cause bursts of excitement to be followed by giant let-downs. Incidentally, why are there so many empty covers at venues like this??!!! Do people give away their covers but keep the racquets? Or do these covers and their contents have a tendency to part ways during the sorting process?

I go "thrifting" once a week or so, but the staff there told me there is at least one other guy who goes there every single day just to look at the racquets. So I am always picking through his leftovers, and he usually doesn't leave me with a whole lot to look at. Maybe it's better this way, as I don't have to exert as much self-control to keep this fun game from progressing into a full blown mental disorder.
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