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Originally Posted by lstewart View Post
One issue I've noticed in men's tennis related to this topic is the number of schools that no longer have a men's program. .... I assume this may be the case across the US, with many smaller public colleges no longer offering men's tennis.
I have some NCAA statistics on men's tennis participation from three data points: 1981-82, 2004-05, and 2009-10 (most recent available).

Men's Tennis, 1981-82: 690 teams overall (267 D1); 7,340 participants (2,884 D1)
Men's Tennis, 2004-05: 742 teams overall (265 D1); 7,386 participants (2,613 D1)
Menís Tennis, 2009-10: 738 teams overall (258 D1); 7,894 participants (2,644 D1)

I don't know if men's tennis participation in NAIA has been similar or not, but in NCAA's three divisions, it has remained pretty static, with the number of teams and participants both increasing.
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