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Default Solinco vs. Genesis

Hello, I am a Professional tennis player and lately traveling around the Futures Iīve found that many players are using Solinco, and some others are using Genesis strings. So Iīve tried both and I find that some friends were a little upset about me using Genesis. Why? I donīt know. But this is what I found out about both. First Solinco says something like created in the US, and down there in little letters it says Made in Taiwan. (I think this misleads many) and this players were upset that I was trying a string that was not made in America!!! But I show them it was not made in America and they couldīt believe it. Well, I tried the Tour Bite and the Barb something from Solinco. Then I tried the Black Magic and the Typhoon (as Ivo Karlovic is using that one now) and then, I canīt understand how could someone prefer the Taiwan made string against the German made string. This German guys have to be good at making strings. This strings were better in every way compared to the Solinco, but the feeling and the power I was getting from the Genesis is great. Needless to say, I didnīt pay for any of this sets, Solinco and Genesis gives free sets to anyone that wants to try their strings even more we can get Solinco reels for 50usd, instead of 155. But my ATP points cost more to me than 50usd. So I am staying with Genesis for a little while, as RPM feels a little stiffer than the Typhoon, and almost the same as the Black Magic. What I do agree with other players is that the presentation is not as good as the Solinco, but what I say is that my presentation card is in my serve, and in my forehand, not in the way my reel looks like when I go to string my racquets!!!
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