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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
US Population 1980: 227,224,681
US Population 2010: 308,745,538

I think there are more people fighting for those spots now than there was in 1980. That point I concede to the anti-foreigner movement.
I think the problem isn't so much that demand for college scholarships has grown as it is that the supply hasn't kept pace. A huge number of international students are now interested in college scholarships that simply aren't available internationally. So there's only one place to go - the US. Unless the US vastly expands the number of college tennis scholarships, or universities overseas start offering tennis scholarships in large numbers, some Americans who would have had a scholarship in the past will no longer have that opportunity. I'm all for efforts to raise the level of tennis in the US, but I can't see how even a very successful effort would have more than a minor effect on these numbers.

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