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While Germany is a hotbed for poly strings, the most popular ones are still being made in Belgium/USA (Luxilon) and France (Babolat, Technifibre).[/QUOTE]

You are totally right, but Gelgium and France are right next to Germany. I know Babolat didnīt have the RPM until Signum Pro made and started selling pretty good the Hyperion and the Tornado. So my guess is that there is only one polymer maker and France and Belgium or France and Germany buys from them. I was talking with one guy that makes Coca Cola bottles and he told me that all the new plastics come from Germany, and Germany sells to everyone in the world the best plastics. That is including Polymers and Polyesters. Second I know only one brand of strings make strings in here, and that one is not Luxilon, and it is not even a great string, at least not for tennis.
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